Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Meet Up

In the mornning ,a ship shows up on their own village ,they meet up with this other crew ,they say can we have our village So the good ninjas says “if we can’t have our village we can have your best fighter in your crew” then the bad king said “how about our army vs your army to the death .“so the good ninjas said “guys are you sure about this deal so the good ninja said to his crew guys do yous like this dell ‘YES’ when are we having this fight to the death the bad king sad tomorrow t at this village don’t be late.night So the ggood ninjas went back to their campsite where no one could find them The next morning All The kais came, future kai came past kai came normal kai came and even their master with there big ship. Suddenly The rhino got so angry that the ninjas killed his sons Si ge After that….All the ninjas meet up, one ninja came with a gun and the rhino came rushed the ninja with the gun but the ninja with a gun was a police. Finally the good ninjas won the battle then kai said “we got our villae” THE end

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